Incident Report 09/11/22 ‚Äď 1

ūüö®Incident Reportūüö® ¬† Incident Type: Truck Fire Date: 09 November 2022 Time: 04H40 Place: Houtkop Off ramp¬† After hearing an explosion a responder thought it might have been a substation. They proceeded to the substation, and as they reached it they realized everything was calm after leaving the area towards the substation behind the R59. […]

Incident Report 27/10/22 – 2

Incident Type: Positive unlawful entryDate: 27 Oktober 2022Time: 16H56Place: Snow FlakeReported by: ECO Modus OperandiAround 16:35 ECO was asked by the people from Snow Flake for help at their main gate on Houtkop and Senatorood. Due to the unlawful entry of a suspect. After arriving on the scene, the suspect was presented already cable tied. […]

Incident Report 27/10/22 – 1

Incident Type: Card scammers¬† Date:27/10/22 Time:11:50 Place: R59¬† Reported by: VRU¬† Modus Operandi¬† The police alongside ECHO and Andre were on patrol. When they noticed on the VRU Adriaan from A-sec had eyes on the white Carolla that was involved in card scamming. The car was stopped and we rushed to give assistance on the […]

Incident Report 26/10/22 – 2

ZOB * Date 26/10/22 ¬†Time 05:50 Sonra/Cpf, Response team, Victor’s (patrollers) Responded to a phone message from a resident due to a man intruding on a property in Eben Combrink str The intruder was caught by the Response team and removed from the area Thanks to the prompt response of RR1, RR3, RR4, RR6, RR9, […]

Incident Report 26/10/22 – 1

ūüö®Incident Reportūüö® Incident Type: Robbery l Date:26/10/22 Time:11:11 Place:Haakbos  Reported by:VRU  Modus Operandi  The Ram driver and his passenger were robbed in Haakbos on Wednesday 26/10/22. The driver noticed a car behind him with four males in it. The driver then proceeded to reverse and drive off. Once we were on the scene the Ram […]